Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Urban Decay De-Slick

Hello all!

I have quite an oily face especially around my t-zone and I find that as the day goes on my face becomes much more oily (which really doesn't look good with foundation as I look incredibly shiny). I usually have to bring with a powder wherever I go to take away the oil and shine, but recently I have discovered the Urban Decay De-Slick.

I opted for the small, travel size bottle as I thought that if I decided that I didn't like it then I wouldn't of felt as if I had wasted money and also I would have been stuck with a big bottle. There is 30ml in this bottle and it costs £9. I brought mine from Debenhams but I know you can also get it from House of Fraser (I have no idea what other places sell Urban Decay products in the UK). The instructions are to apply it to your face before and after foundation. It also says that it locks the make up in place (It really does stick to all its promises, trust me) 

Once sprayed on the skin, it dries within seconds, so you hardly notice it is even there. It also says on the back that it keeps the skin looking matte, and I am happy to say that it does! I have used this product almost every day since I have bought it and the bottle is still nearly full which I am glad about as some of these kind of products can run out very quickly which is annoying. The only thing about this product which is a negative would be that it smells like a very strong, chemically perfume  (a bit like hairspray) but I only notice it when spraying it on as the smell fades very quickly. 

The product is a very slim bottle which I prefer as it means I can keep it in my make up case without it taking up too much room. Strangely there are 2 lids for this bottle which I don't quite understand (my theory is that its in case you loose one so you have a spare). The worst thing for me before this product was that I would be out and about, then look in a mirror and see that my face was horribly shiny, but since using this I haven't had that problem at all. I absolutely love this product and I am very pleased that I decided to try it out. Once in runs out (which will be a long time seeing how long it has lasted already) I am definitely, without a doubt, going to purchase the bigger bottle, which is £19.50. I also thought I would add that when using this I now have the courage to leave the house without taking any powders with me in case of shine. 

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