Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser

Hello everybody!

So recently I have been using a new moisturiser from Garnier and it is the Moisture Match, I chose to get the 'Shine be gone' as I usually get quite oily skin during the day, especially around my T-zone.

I usually put this on before starting my make up routine. I like this product because it gives a matte finish and it does stop any shine appearing during the day which is something I have needed for a long while but haven't really found until this product. I have combination skin, and this is ideal for me as the moistureiser isn't too thick and it sinks in well without leaving the skin feeling sticky, it is also oil free and the back of the product says that it is suitable for anybody with sensitive skin. Another bonus about the product is that it smells very fresh. 

I find that for me I do not need very much to put over my face and a little bit spreads very far. The consistency is thick and creamy and is definitely not greasy once on the skin and it also drys very quickly which is always good. The product costs £5.99 per 50ml and it is absolutely something to have a look at even if this wouldn't be the right match for you as you can go onto the Garnier moisture match page, take a quick questionnaire and they will tell you which one best suits you!

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