Thursday, 18 April 2013

Benefit b.right Radiant Skincare Set

Hello everyone!

I love trying out different skin care products and I have always wanted to try everything from the Benefit skincare range. At Christmas time I asked for the Benefit b.right Radiant Skincare Set as I wanted to try everything out to see if it worked for me, as there is no point spending lots of money on a product if it will react badly to your skin (although sometimes I take the risk) This set is £10 and you get 6 products : Foamingly Clean Facial Wash, Refined Finish Facial Polish, Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, Total Moisture Facial Cream and the Its Potent Eye Cream.

The set came in a little plastic case which I was glad about as it meant I can keep all the products together and as they are small it means that I will be less likely to loose them. All of the products (except the Foamingly Clean Face Wash and Refined Finish Facial Polish) Came in glass jars which was a nice surprise as they hadn't been swapped for plastic. Although, if you do drop them, it can lead to them breaking (the glass may be pretty strong though, mine haven't broken yet and I am sure to of dropped them)

I thought that I would start with the Foamingly Clean Face Wash. I like how it lathers up and feel very silky smooth on the face. You get 8.9g of the product which is quite good. It may not last a long time for people who use it daily, but as I don't use it daily it has lasted a while and still has a few more uses. It does spread a long way so you definitely don't need to much of the product at one time which is good. It is also quite thick and leaves the skin feeling very soft. All of the products smell the same so I won't keep mentioning the smell on every product, but the smell is very fresh and doesn't really have a certain smell added to it. It is £17.50 as full price and you can get it anywhere that sells Benefit products. To me, it hasn't done any magical wonders on my skin unlike some other face products I have, but it is good as just a general face wash in the evening. 

The next product is the Refined Finish Facial Polish. It is £18.50 for a full sized bottle. Again, this product is 8.9g and as I said before, smells exactly the same. The exfoliating balls themselves are very small which I prefer as I feel they are less harsh on the skin. It is quite a creamy exfoliator and on the back of the bottle it says 'Smoothest Surface Facial Exfoliator', I do agree that it makes the face very soft which I like. The product is just plain white and nothing else. I do feel that exfoliators cheaper than this can still do the same job and have done for me, but it is still a lovely product. 

The next one is the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. I wasn't really sure what this was for, but thankfully the set comes with a little leaflet. It says that it 'hydrates, protects and comforts the skin with an oil-free lightweight formula' it also says that it gives immediate and long term hydration to the skin. I have found with this product that you need hardly any thing to cover your face as it spreads a very long way (most of these products do!). I have no idea how much is in this product as I the label on the bottom is so small that I can't read what it says, but it has lasted me a very long while and I use it quite a lot. For a full sized bottle it would cost £20.50 and I would definitely buy this product full sized as I love how soft, smooth and hydrated my skin feels afterwards. 

Next is the Moisture Prep Toning Lotion. This is much more wetter than any other products in the set and is very liquid based, but at the same time it isn't like a water, but more of a gel (like a shower gel) I have found that this product has less product in than any other, probably because its much harder to control than any of the other products and comes out quite quickly (so beware) The sticker on the bottom is much more easier to read which is strange as they are exactly the same bottle. It has 8.9mL (I would probably say that the Facial Emulsion has  the same as they all seem to be the same (don't hold me to it) ) Like the other products it keeps my skin smooth and feels very refreshing. It says in the leaflet that it creates a surface ready to absorb moisture, and also smooths, revitalizes and tones the skin. I think that the product does all that it says it can do and it works well for my skin and definitely does smooth, tone and revitalizes it. It costs £23.50 for a full sized bottle.

Next I have the Its Potent Eye Cream. It will cost you £24.50 for the full sized product. It says that it fades dark circles, I have never noticed on myself that I have dark circles and have never felt the need to use an eye cream, although that may change when time goes by. The colour is a strange yellow/white colour and you also do not need a lot to put on so it will definitely last you a long while, mine certainly has. At this moment in time, I probably wouldn't buy the full sized product as I have no problems with dark circles under my eye or anything else like that, but my view may change one day. It is a good eye cream but I can't give much opinion on it and haven't really noticed a difference in my eyes. There is 3g of the product. 

The last product is the Total Moisture Facial Cream. I find that this is a very good moistureiser for me and is very thick which I like. Again, like I have said with other products, a little goes a long way which means that it lasts longer which I like. It definitely does hydrate my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth the next day which I like. The product is a total of 8.9g (surprise surprise) and I would recommend this as a moisturizer. It is £27.50 (the most expensive of them all) but when my pot runs out, I am definitely going to buy another as it works very well for me. 

In conclusion (is this an essay?!) this set is a very good set for the price that it is and you definitely get your moneys worth. Some products I probably wouldn't buy full sized whereas some I would, so it is a good set to try out the products, especially if you are debating weather to get some or not. I am most likely to repurchase the Total Moisture Face Cream and the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion as I really liked them and they worked very well for me. 

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