Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Soap and Glory For Daily Youth Moisturiser

Hello everyone!

As I have quite dry skin in some areas, I find it very important for me to moisturize daily. I have used many moisturizers in the past and thought I would do a review on one that I use regularly. 

The moisturiser that I have been using is 'For Daily Youth' by Soap and Glory. I love all Soap and Glory products so I had no worries about this! Im not sure how much this product costs, on the boots website it says that it costs £12. The reason that mine is different is because it came in the Soap and Glory Leap of Face Christmas set which cost £20. 

The product comes in a 50ml bottle, which is as big as the one selling at boots (but the packaging is different). It is easy to apply and uses a pump which I find is easier as you can control how much you use. It isn't thick or lumpy like some other moisturizers and sinks into the skin quickly without leaving it feeling sticky. I would say it is great for combination skin (which I have) and I have been getting on very well with it and have noticed a difference in my skin (its been less dry and has more of a glow to it) It definitely does what it says on the bottle and sticks to its promises which I am glad about. 

The moisturiser comes out in a light pink shade and leaves the skin feeling very soft and smooth. I also love the scent (I can't quite put my finger on what it is) I would highly recommend this product and feel that it is totally worth the purchase. I will definitely be buying this again once it has ran out.
Has anybody else tried this?


  1. I can't find this anywhere! I just finished a bottle of it and when I went to replave it, it's all different! It's in a tube and smells different :(

    1. hm that is strange, prehaps they got some negative reviews so decided to change it a bit? I shall look into it and get another one to try out! x