Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sleek Pomegranate Blush Review


I have been loving a new blusher which I purchased from Sleek recently so I thought I would share it with you all!

The first thing that I thought I would mention is that the packaging is so lovely, it makes me want to buy all there products! Its so simple but at the same time it looks very sophisticated. The packaging for the blusher is quite small but it is quite deep so you still get a lot of product. 

I got the shade Pomegranate which I am so glad about because it suits my skin tone perfectly and I absolutely love it! There is 8g of product which is quite a lot for a blusher as you don't tend to use too much at one time as they are very pigmented, so it will definitely last a very long while which is great as it is just £4.49! I purchased mine from Superdrug and this will have to be a favorite drugstore blush of mine by far!
I was very pleased at how long lasting this blush really is and if you do put to much on then it is very easy to blend.

Unfortunately I think I picked up a cracked one at the shop, but that didn't bother me too much. The shade is a soft plum colour which has a soft pink shimmer, but the shimmer isn't over powering which is great. It is a very warm colour which I love, and once on it looks even more beautiful! 

I absolutely love this blusher and definitely want to try out the other shades. 

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  1. that colour looks amazing! Im deffo going to purchase this x