Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Look Beauty Flirty Flick Eyeliner

Hello everybody!

So today I thought that I would do a review on the eyeliner Flirty Flick by Look Beauty. I have had this product for about 3 weeks now and so far have got on very well with it. 
Firstly I wanted to say that I absolutely love the way they have designed the packaging for this product, and because the brush is so long and tall, it makes it so much easier to apply which means much less mistakes when doing so.

As you can see, I have the colour 'Jet Set Black' which is the usual colour that I tend to get for eyeliners because I feel that it makes my eyes look so much bigger. This is one of the first liquid eyeliners that I have had as all of the eyeliners that I have had in the past were gel eyeliners which for me made it so much harder to apply as I had to do it with a slanted edge brush and usually made a huge amount of mistakes. I do find that if you don't have a very sturdy hand, like me, then a liquid eyeliner is far more easier to use than a gel eyeliner as the brush is much smaller, thinner and easier to control. 

As I said previously, liquid eyeliner brushes are much more smaller and thinner, and usually very pointed at the end, this is because the point helps to control the eyeliner and make the application much more easier, it also is easier to control how much you are putting on and the thickness of the line. I find that because the brush is so tall, when using the eyeliner, it is much easier to hold and control without it going all over the place and so far with using this product I have had no problems with it going out of place, smudging or having different amounts or even wonky lines on each eye and I have found it much more easier to apply and will probably never go back to using gel eyeliner! 

The Look Beauty eyeliner costs £5 and you can buy it from Superdrug or Look Beauty itself. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who is looking for a easy to use eyeliner that is quick to apply with little or no mistakes and so far I absolutely love it and will definitely buy this again.

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