Thursday, 25 April 2013

Duwop Blue Lip Venom

Hello everyone!

I received this Duwop Lip Venom for Christmas (it was very exciting as I had wanted one for ages!) and I thought that as I had been using it a while now that I would do a review.
I got the 'Blue' Venom. You can also get the Original, Flash, 2nd Sin, Moon, Pink Shimmer, Twilight, and they do a trio of the Original and the Flash. Mine came from Feel Unique and cost £15 - they all cost this much, however Feel Unique doesn't have all of them on there website which  is a pain! You can also get them from other places though.

It comes in a little tube tin like this one and it quite small, although it doesn't look that small on here. It is probably a little bit taller than one of my fingers and quite a thin tube tin (I don't know what else to call it other than a tube tin!) You get 3.5ml in this product, I thought that because it was quite small it would run out quickly, but it doesn't at all! To get the actual product out, you just pull the tin and out it comes.

Here is the Venom out of the tube. It looks quite dark in colour, but for some reason it isn't that dark in person (im not sure why my camera made it so dark) It is just a plain little tube that says 'Blue Venom' on it. All of the Venom's are suppose to do something different, this one says that it is meant to plump (they all do) and make the teeth look whiter as it has blue tint to it. It does make the teeth appear to be slightly brighter so I am glad that it does what it says, it also smells quite nice which is always good - it smells like cinnamon!

The venom doesn't sting really painfully which I like as I have had a couple from other brands before which have really stung so much that I have had to remove them. It gives the lips more of a tingle than a sting. I do feel that it plumps the lips well and isn't too sticky as sticky products really get on my nerves haha! The product stays on the lips for quite a while without coming off which is also a bonus as I hate when you apply a lip product and half an hour later its gone! I think this product works really well on the lips and does all that it says it will do. It comes with a brush applicator and you can brush it on like that, I also find that it looks nice over the top of some other lip products and works well with them as well as on bare lips. It has shine to it so the lips don't look dull which is another good thing. 

On my hand you can clearly see that the Lip Venom has blue shimmer in it, obviously it will look different in different lighting as the shimmer may reflect off the lights more or less - depending where you are. I am really hoping to try and get a few more of these to try as I have loved this one so far. It works brilliantly and especially does plump the lips.
Has anybody else tried any lip plumper's?

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