Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Balmi Lip Balm #2

Hello everyone!

I decided to get myself another Balmi as I absolutely love them and wanted to try another flavor. I went to pick one up, only to notice they have changed the shape of them!!

I chose the Raspberry flavor because it was one that I have been wanting for a while as I like the smell of raspberry and thought that it would be very lovely (which it is) The Balmi's haven't changed in price since being a different style and are still £4.99 (where you get it from varies, I got mine from Boots) I don't understand why they have changed, and I personally prefer the round ones and think they are better and easier to use, but it doesn't effect the product in anyway and is just my opinion. The raspberry flavor lived up to my expectations and works just as well as the other Balmi before it changed.

You actually get less product with the square shaped Balmi's as with the circle Balmi's there was 10.5g of product, whereas this one only has 7g. You also aren't able to pull the back off to get more product out which is annoying because it means as soon as it runs out then you can't really use it much longer as it is harder to get to. I love the scent to this Balmi and think it is a lot better than other artificial raspberry smells as it smells and tastes more like a raspberry than other products do which I love. It it also lovely and creamy without being too thick and very easy to hold as well. I like Balmi's because they are fast drying and don't make the lips feel sticky in anyway, they also leave a lovely glossy look to the lips. 

This Balmi has a pointy tip to it which can make it quite easy to apply to the lips as its easier to get into corners than the circle shaped one. In the shops they have stopped selling the round one (from what I saw) but online it says you can still get them (Boots website) it may change soon though as they may be trying to get rid of the old packaging to bring out this one fully. I love how bold the packaging is so whenever I look in my makeup bag I know its my Balmi as it stands out, it also has an attachment like the other one so you can keep it on your keys and not loose it. In all, I really like this Balmi and think it is a lovely smell, taste and still an amazing product for the lips, leaving them moisturized, soft and smooth. I still want to try the other 2 flavours as so far I seem to love the ones I already have! For a review on the Strawberry one click here!

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