Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Body Shop Cucumber Water

Hello everybody!

For a couple of months I have had The Body Shop's Cucumber Water at the back of my shelf being neglected. I stumbled upon it about a week ago and have been loving it!

The water is as it says, and it is just water, it is nothing more or less than what it states that it is. It has an amazing smell of cucumbers (I love cucumber) and is so refreshing on the skin. It says that it is a toner that refreshes and cleanses with added aloe vera. I have been using it as both a toner and just to refresh me in the morning or before bed. It is not drying to the skin as it has no irritable chemicals like alcohol added to it. 

It is a 250ml bottle. I am not sure how much it costs as it has gone from the Body Shop website (does anybody know why?) I have noticed that my skin looks and feels much better and it always makes me feel fresh, my skin is especially much more soft after using this product. It takes every last bit of any make up or anything of my face and is just a wonderful product! 

It is an incredibly easy product to use, all you have to do is put a little on a cotton wool pad and wipe it over your face and you're done! It also has a little hole for the product to come out of so it doesn't all spill out at once which is also a bonus. A little bit of product goes a very long way, all you need is a few droplets and the pad is covered! It is just clear with no colour added to it. I would definitely recommend this product for anybody with any skin type as it is amazing as a toner or just to refresh you.

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