Thursday, 30 May 2013

Benefit Rocket Pop Silky-Finish Lipstick

Hello everyone!

So a couple of weeks ago I was browsing the Benefit counter with my sister and I didn't plan on buying anything but I did (oops) I have always wanted one of the Benefit Lipgloss's so I found it strange that I got something that I hadn't ever really taken an interest into before! 

I chose one of the Silky-Finish Lipsticks and I adore the packaging that they come in as it always looks so lovely no matter what the product is! I didn't even really know about these Lipsticks and have never taken an interest but I was standing next to the counter and there were some laid out to be tested - so I tested one and I guess I fell in love! 

There are quite a few different colours (I think its around 10) but I chose Rocket Pop because it is such a gorgeous pinky red and I have never really had a colour like this one before and want to start to branch out and try different things. All of these are £14 and you can get them directly from the Benefit website or Benefit counters. 

The actual tube (is it called a tube?) that the product comes in is metal which I really like as it doesn't get scratched easily and is very resistant to breaking! (although it is cold a lot of the time) It has a little pattern on the bottom but that it about it. I like how elegant the packaging is and also how easy it is to open and close. 

You get 3g of the product but you really don't need to apply a lot at one time as they are so pigmented! They are also silky smooth and keep the lips looking glossy which is one part that I love about them. They also stay on the lips for long periods of time and I don't find myself having to keep applying it throughout the day which is handy. 

The colour is so lovely and has a hint of red to it which I love. It glides on the lips so easily and smoothly. All together I really like this product and definitely want to try more colours in the range. Benefit have won me over again! (I will leave you with a lovely message that came on the card in this product)

Vichy Dermablend High-Coverage Corrective Foundation

Hello everyone!

Around January time I was in Boots and noticed that they had a sale on and one of the products for sale was the Vichy Dermablend High-Coverage Corrective Foundations. I think that they have stopped selling this product because I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore. I actually bought this for £2 and know that it is retailed at a much higher price (when it was sold) (every website that I go on says that it is no longer for sale)

This is what the pot looks like and it is quite small but lasts a very long time as it is so thick. As I said, I got it for £2 so I am not sure how much it retails at. 

You get 6g of the product it lasts a very long while. It comes with a spatula because it is so incredibly thick that its extremely hard to get out of the pot. I got the only shade which was available and thankfully it is the right shade for me so I could wear it. 

I wore this foundation for about 2 weeks until I realised that it was so thick that it was clogging up my pores and making all my dry skin visible - so I stopped. I didn't like how the foundation made my skin look, at first I thought that it was great because it hid all my spots and blemishes but then I realised it didn't make any other part of my face look very nice. It was so thick that it went into any lines and just didn't look very flattering. I do still use this as a concealer as it is great for that use and still lasts a very long time. They do also have this foundation but in a tube which I may purchase to try out as it wouldn't be as thick - so hopefully that would work better for my skin type.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sleek Flamingo Blush

Hello all!
Last week I was doing some online shopping and I stumbled across the Sleek website and ordered myself a blush. I have a few other blushes from Sleek and you can read that review here and here. I LOVE Sleek blushers and think that they are such a great price and are all so pigmented and I have to admit that I also ordered myself a few others. 

I noticed that they have changed the packaging and it looks completely different to the last blushers that I got. I did think it was a fake but realised I ordered it directly from Sleek! I have always loved the quality of the Sleek packaging as it is always very sturdy and it very hard to break. 

I chose the colour Flamingo as I don't really have any brighter pinks in my makeup collection and have really started to get into them recently. I didn't use to think that they suited my skin tone but after wearing them I feel that they do a lot more than I thought which is good as it means I can widen my choice of colours. The blush cost £4.49 which I think is a great price as they are such good quality.

The blush itself is a very vibrant pink (it doesn't look as vibrant in this picture) and I love the colour that it gives to the cheeks. At first I was worried that it would look too pink and look very strange but it blends so well and just gives such a lovely subtle colour. 

It does have a hint of shimmer added to it and highlights the cheeks very well. It isn't a very strong highlight which I like as I don't like having too much but at the same time it gives a nice dewy look. Like I said before, I love these blushers from Sleek and definitely want to try all of the others and some other products that they sell. 
Has anybody else tried these? 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Caudalie Must Have Set


I have been trying out the Caudalie Must Have Set for about a month now so I thought that it was about time to give you a review as I have seen what the products are like on a long term basis. 

Firstly I had to put on here the lovely bag they gave me and I have never gotten one of these bags when I have got any products from Caudalie and I just thought it was pretty so I had to show you! I picked up my products from a local pharmacy which has a huge Caudalie section (I never knew it was there until before I purchased this - now I am always there!)

You get 5 different products in the set and it costs £20 which I thought was such a bargain as some of the products in here are around £10 pounds anyway. It comes in a really lovely case which can be used for many other things including a mini makeup bag! I did take a picture of all of the products on the day that I got the set which is why they are all full (I can assure you that they are not now)

I thought that I would talk about the products in the order that they are in just to make it easier! The first product is the Caudalie Cleansing Water Makeup Remover. It has 50ml of the product and I am not sure how much it is for this size but the 100ml sized bottle is £9. I have been looking for a makeup remover that will remove my eye makeup without it stinging - sadly this is not the product for me. It does do the job of getting the makeup off your face but at the same time, it does sting the eyes. Also you need quite a lot of product on the cotton wool pad for it to work, so it does run out quite quickly. 

The next product is the Beauty Elixir - I have wanted this for so long which is one of the reasons that I got this set. It comes in 2 sizes - 30ml (the size that I got in this set) which costs £11 and 100ml which costs £32. I did actually purchase the full sized bottle because I loved it, so I will also do a full review on that in more depth. It says that it gives you a glowing complexion and that it is smoothing and I do feel that it does everything that it says and more! I will use this product most days and it just helps my makeup to look better. I do recommend this product to anybody who wants to try it, but I would suggest trying out the smaller bottle first incase it doesn't work for you.

The next product in the set is the Divine Oil which can be used on the body, face or hair. I have tried it on both my face and hair so far, but not my body. You get 15ml in this tester set and it costs £18 per 50ml. I found that it made my skin super soft when used on my face BUT I have only used it once as I do have oily skin so it didn't help with that (It was a moment of stupidness) HOWEVER I absolutely love using it on my hair and it makes it feel so lovely, look shiny and smell great. It doesn't make the hair greasy which I like as I get a tad weary of using oils on my hair as there is a fine line between soft and greasy and can be hard to know exactly how much to use. I do think that I would buy this again as it does work, however I would probably only use it on my hair and this 15ml bottle will probably last quite a while as you don't need a lot. 

The next product is the Hand and Nail Cream which is quite a reasonable sized bottle and smells like Froot Loops (If you aren't sure what that smells like - its a bit like a sweet lemon) The hand cream has a very creamy texture and does make my hands feel so much softer which is good as that is what you would expect from a hand cream. With the set you get a 30ml tube, It doesn't say weather you can get that size individually but you can get a 75ml tube for £12. I do also know that you can get other sets with the Hand Cream and Lip Conditioner which I think is £11. (It is called 'Caudalie Hand & Lip Rescue Duo) I would probably buy this hand cream again as it is great to put in your handbag and I use quite often. I would say that one negative is because of the packaging that it is made out of  - it does feel very delicate and I always get scared that something will tear it open like my keys or something sharp. 

The last product in the set is the Caudalie Lip Conditioner which is the full and only size that they do in this product. It costs £5.50 and I would purchase this product again. I find that it is very soothing and easy to apply and leaves the lips feeling nourished and moistured without feeling oily or sticky and the feeling lasts a very long while. It doesn't have a certain flavor or scent to it and is just quite plain - but at the same time it is very nice. This is something that I use quite frequently and take around with me on a daily basis and it is just such a lovely Lip Conditioner. 

So that is the end of the set and I am very pleased with this purchase as I have loved most things in here and even if I didn't love something, I still tried it out. It has given me more knowledge on what works with me and what doesn't and I now know certain things that I would like to purchase from Caudalie and certain things that I wouldn't. Sorry if this review has had to many pictures but I like to show the products individually as well as together!

Models Own Ice Neon Nail Polish

Hello everyone!

For a while now I have had one of the Ice Neon Nail Polishes from Models Own in my drawer and totally forgot I had it. I have been using it quite frequently lately because I think it is such a beautiful colour!

You can get these nail polishes for £5 and they have such a wide range of colours! This colour is called Pukka Purple and is such a lovely vibrant purple - which is why I love it.

It does look as if it has a tint of blue to it, but on the nails it is much more purple than this. It dries extremely quickly and always dries very smoothly which I love.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Korres Cherry Lipgloss

Hello everyone!

I was in a pharmacy a couple of weeks ago when I noticed that they had a huge Korres counter! I have never really seen a Korres counter before so I was obviously excited and I am glad that I know I have one around me!

I chose to get a Lipgloss from the range as they all looked lovely. I got the colour 23 Light Purple. I forgot how much it exactly cost but I know that it is around £12. You also get 6ml. It says that it is high shine / vibrant colour and I find that it does give a lovely shine to the lips which doesn't stand out too much. 

I don't think that the Lipgloss is extremely purple which I like as I didn't want it to be too over powering and it has a very nice texture which isn't too sticky which is also good as I don't really get on with lip products that are sticky. 

The packaging is all so pretty and the tube is cute as well (everybody likes pretty packaging) Also the colour looks lovely inside the tube, as it does out and it is such a great sized tube which makes it all the more easy to apply.

The brush applicator is just a standard style and doesn't really effect the use of the product itself. I do prefer flatter applicators though as I find them easier to use and I feel they gather more product (if you aren't sure of what I am talking about, have a look at this review) . These products are very easy to wear and stay put for quite a while. 

The colour is such a beautiful pink with a tinge of purple and added sparkle. The colour really compliments the lips and can be worn for most occasions looking lovely. I love the way that these lipgloss' glide on the lips  so easily and give a lovely shine. I will definitely try and purchase a few more of these to try out the other colours in the range. 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Lush Herbalism Facial Cleanser

Hello everybody!

About a month ago I purchased the Herbalism Facial Cleanser by Lush. It is a fresh cleanser so you obviously have a certain time period that you can use it in (around 2/3 months) 

I find that there is so much product in this (100g) especially as you have to use it in a limited time period. I have used it quite frequently and still have so much left with only about a month/2 to use it in! I got mine around the Easter Holidays and it runs out in July so it lasts about 3 months. It costs £6.25 and so far I have really gotten on with it. It also says that it is best used fresh, much like the face masks that Lush sell. The reason I chose this cleanser is because it says that it exfoliates, removes grease and calms troubled skin and spots - I feel that it does do most of that except I haven't noticed a significant change in ways of any spots so I am not sure about that part. It does exfoliate really well though and the good part about it is that it doesn't have any harsh exfoliating beads (infact I can't see any harsh bits used for exfoliating as it is quite a smooth mixture) but it leaves the skin super soft and smooth.

It says that it is made with 100% fresh ingredients and it certainly smells that way too! At first I didn't like the smell at all and thought that it was very overpowering and strange but now I absolutely love it. The only way I can describe this product is with the word 'earthy' because I feel that it looks a bit like grass mixed with mud and it just smells so different to anything I have ever smelt and smells very natural as it doesn't have a certain scent to it (it doesn't smell like mud or anything though). The product says that they make it by 'stepping nettles and rosemary herbs in rice vinegar for 48 hours' and then they 'filter them away and use the vinegar to mix with other ingredients' which is probably why it smells the way it does. As you can see it is very green and it has very peculiar textures in that it is quite broken apart and bitty but if you sort of pick it up then it goes quite smooth and squishes together. 

At first I was extremely stupid and didn't read the instructions on how to use it. As you saw from the previous photograph it is bitty, not creamy and can be taken apart very easily. I thought that you put it on the face straight from the pot and washed it off - obviously because of the way that it is, it fell straight off my face and didn't do anything! So then I decided to read the instructions and saw that you have to mix it with water to make a paste, and then you can use it on your face. The way that I make the product is by getting about a pea sized amount (perhaps a little bigger sometimes) and then I put it in the center of my hand and mixing it with droplets of water until I get a paste like so. I try to make it not too runny and not too dry, my preferred texture is what it in the picture and I achieve that with around 4/5 droplets of water depending on how much product you actually use (I also mix it with my finger). I do find it quite hard sometimes to mix it in my hand so I am on the hunt for a little pot to use, as I feel if I do it on the lid and don't dry it enough then it will make all of the product turn weird and horrible. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Custom Design Fashionista Palette

Hello everyone!

I was in Superdrug around Christmas time when I noticed that Fashionista had a great deal where you build your own palette for only £10 and you get a free Lip Gloss palette which now retails at £10 (I didn't think the Lip Gloss was that great but it didn't matter because that's not the reason I purchased it, it also smelt of that sort of vanilla lip gloss that you get as a child) The deal was also on eyeshadows which I will do a separate review on.

You could pick which color palette you wanted, there was this limited edition style, a black one and a red one. I chose the limited edition one as I got the black eyeshadow one and I thought that this one was different (they also had no red) 

You get to pick 4 blushers for the palette, there are palettes which contain more slots (I think its 6) as I got my mum one for her birthday a while back when she wanted one but its not on there website anymore so it may have been a short time thing. There are many shades of blushers and eyeshadows and you basically just pick the ones you want and then pop them out of the original container and into the palette. You can buy the others separately which are £4. You can also mix palettes to have eyeshadows and blush in the same one.

I chose the colours Glowing (Top Left) , Milan (Top Right), Juicy Apricot (Bottom Left) and Rose Shine (Bottom Right) I love all of the colours and I think that the one I wear the least would be the shade Glowing as I feel that it isn't as pigmented as the others and doesn't really show up - it is the only baked blusher that I chose and they do have a range of baked eyeshadows and blushers. I chose the Milan and Rose Shine colours as a safe option as I knew that I would wear them regularly as they suit my skin tone and I chose Juicy Apricot because I wanted to try something different (its good I did as I wear it most) All the colours are pigmented, except as I said Glowing isn't as pigmented as the rest. 

The colours on my hand are staring from the Left, Juicy Apricot, Rose Shine, Glowing and Milan. Milan is a lovely winter colour as it is very warm and a deep berry colour. Rose Shine and Glowing look quite similar in the picture but look totally different on the face - Glowing gives more of a dewy look and Rose shine is quite matte - also Rose Shine is a lot pinker with Glowing sort of in the middle of Milan and Rose Shine. And then Apricot has a lovely orange tone to it which doesn't look too vibrant on the skin and it just looks lovely!
Without an offer these palettes are £5 each with the extra charge of the eyeshadow or blush which is £4 each - but obviously if you only wanted one colour then you don't have to buy a whole palette to buy the individual products.

Monday, 20 May 2013

MUA Makeup Haul

Hello everybody!

I went to Superdrug over the weekend and I was particularly interested in the MUA (Makeup Academy) stand as I have never really had a proper look. There was also a 3 for 2 sale so I had to take advantage! I picked up quite a few things and I thought that I would share my findings with you!

The first product that I picked up was the Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette which cost £4. I chose this palette because I think that all the colours are such lovely, everyday wearing colours and are extremely beautiful! There are 12 different colours in the palette so there is a huge variety and can be created into all different looks and styles which I love. They are also very pigmented and I think that this is such a good purchase for the price! I will definitely look into the other palettes to see what they are like.

The next product that I picked up was the Pearl Eyeshadow. I chose this colour because it was an extremely pretty white colour and I thought that it would be a great highlight for the top of the eye (which it is) It only cost £1 which I thought was a great deal! (in fact everything on the MUA counter is a great deal!) I have been wearing this eyeshadow and it definitely gives a gorgeous highlight to the eyes and is very subtle. They have such a variety of single Eyeshadows and I want to go back to look at them in more detail as they are all so beautiful! 

The next product that I got was the Intense Glitter Eyeliner in Starry Night. I didn't actually mean to pick up this product, I thought that it was just a plain black eyeliner and it wasn't until I sat down for lunch and looked at my products that I noticed it was Glittery. At first I was a bit unsure as to weather I would use it or not, but decided that I would give it a try and if I didn't like it then it wasn't to much money wasted as it was only £1. I have't worn eyeliner in such a long time which is why I wanted to try it out again (which is why I was annoyed that it was a glitter one) but when using it, I found that it didn't look very glittery at all so I wasn't put off and will still wear it. (thank goodness)  

My next purchase was the Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette. I chose this shade not really thinking about the colour of my eyebrows and now realise that it is much too dark. My sister did warm me to get the lighter colour but silly me didn't listen! I have been trying to blend it into the eyebrows to make it look lighter. I am sad that it isn't my colour because I have never had a Eyebrow Pencil and have always used a brush and a eyebrow kit and thought that this would be much quicker. I will try and get a lighter one soon as it was only £1. 

I then chose to get a Lipstick as I have had a couple before and loved them! I love how creamy and  soft they are and they stay on the lips for such a long time! I also love how pigmented they are and how they have a little section at the bottom with a lip gloss type lipstick inside. I chose the Shade 2 Lipstick which has a strong tone of purple to it. I didn't realise how purple it was until I was in natural light but it is still a gorgeous colour! Like the rest of the products is was only £1 which is great value for a Lipstick. 

I then chose a Cream Blusher as I have recently been loving Cream Blushers and have been testing out different brands of them. I chose the colour Yummy as it looked very warm and just extremely lovely! It really suits my skin and I feel that it suits me perfectly. It is a little more expensive than the other products, but its still only £2. I am loving these Cream Blushers and want to try and get a few more in the range.

The last products that I bought were the £1 Nail Polishes. I love trying different Nail Polish so I thought it was a great deal to try out these as they were so cheap! (the packaging also looks very similar to the Essie) These Nail Polishes are absolutely amazing and are pigmented and don't need hardly any layering to get the desired colour! They also don't chip to easily and are such a great buy for £1. I got the colours Fever Red, Moody Mink, Strawberry Crush and Plum Noir. They are all extremely pretty colours. I chose Fever Red because it is a very deep and elegant red and looks lovely on the nails. I chose Moody Mink because it was such a different colour to my usual Nail Polishes and that too I love. I chose Strawberry Crush because it looked like a very summery colour, however I do feel that it needs more layering than the others and I lastly chose Plum Noir because I love that shade of purple but I have also been trying to find a similar colour to Anti-Bleak by OPI (if anyone knows of a dupe, please let me know in the comments below) Also, in the pictures I only used 2 coats for each nail.