Monday, 25 November 2013

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Limited Edition Brush Set Review

Hello everyone!

So I have wanted the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Brushes ever since they came out - but I have never had the chance to buy them as they aren't in any stores around me - but the other day I was making an online order so I decided that I would finally treat myself too them!

The set of brushes is £23.99 and that is from Boots. The price can vary depending on where you buy them - as I have seen them cheaper on some websites like Feel Unique and Look Fantastic and sometimes they are on offer. You get 3 brushes, the Duo Fiber Face Brush, Duo Fiber Contour Brush and the Duo Fiber Contour Brush. Personally I absolutely love the colour of the brushes and think they look so cute which is one reason I was drawn to these!

The first brush is the Duo Fiber Face Brush. I think that this brush is the one that I was quite disappointed with because I am the type of girl who LOVES full coverage in anything and I feel that this brush doesn't really let me achieve that as the bristles are very thin and not close together, therefore they can't pick up as much product as the Blush/powder brush. I have decided to use it as a blush brush as I always find that I put way to much blusher on and then have to try and minimize the look which just takes so much more time whereas with this brush you can build your blusher until you like the colour and it and it is harder to go overboard. Overall I would say that this is a good brush, but not for what I did want to use it for. 

My next brush is the Contour Brush (sorry it has product on). I LOVE this brush. I haven't actually got a proper brush for contouring and I always find it so hard to contour my face as I have to use quite a big brush and it never goes where I want it too and it never really looks defined, but since using this brush you can see such a difference and it definitely defines my face a lot better. I find it easy to hold and like the Face brush it doesn't pick up too much product so you can build it. I do find that the bristles on these brushes are a little bit rougher than the other brushes I use but I did expect that as they are Duo Fiber.

The last brush is the eye brush. I like this brush, but at this present moment I do have a slight issue with it and that is that one of the bristles is slightly out of place and above the rest, which means that whenever I use it on my eyes it sticks into my eye and is quite painful - but I am going to cut it! I started by using this brush as a concealer brush because I am desperate for a concealer brush, but when applying my make up this morning I didn't have any eye brushes to hand and was in a rush, so I decided to use this brush, and I was so amazed at how much product the brush picked up, my eyes have never looked so emphasized and I loved how I could see such a clear difference on my eyes as my eyeshadow had so much more depth and colour to it - so I am going to use this for an eye brush after all!

All in all I love the Real Techniques range and these brushes are very good, although I may swap them around and use them for different things - but that doesn't matter! I would definitely recommend these and think that after I have found my use for them, they are great! 


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation Review


I have pretty much always wanted to try out the Studio Sculpt foundation by Mac - but for some reason whenever I have purchased any foundation it has always been the Studio Fix Fluid - probably because I like the coverage and was worried that it wouldn't be as good!
I recently purchased it because I thought it was about time to give it a whirl!

The foundation is £25 and you get 40 ml, whereas in the Studio Fix you get 30ml (the Studio Sculpt is more expensive thought). It is a gel based foundation and I feel that it makes the skin look more refreshed and sort of gives a dewy finish. 

I personally love this style tube compared to the Studio Fix Fluid as I find that it is easier to get it out and I just think that it feels and looks nicer. It is quite a large tube I must admit and has a lovely matte feel. 

I got the shade NC15 which is the perfect shade - I started off Mac foundations with the 'NW'S' and never really liked them on myself as I felt they looked too orange for me, I never really realised they had a 'NC' colour range and once I found out I was thrilled and finally liked the look of the foundation! So everyone beware of that haha! 

I found that this foundation was thicker than the Studio Fix Fluid and I felt it was easier to blend into the skin - it was also such a good coverage and I found that it was so achievable to get a high and full coverage without using too much and looking cakey which was lovely. I didn't use concealer when I used this as I didn't feel that I had too and to be honest, it was so good that I totally forgot to even put concealer on because I couldn't see any redness or blemished. The foundation actually smells lovely (quite like vanilla) and has a lovely texture - not too runny and not too sticky (i hate sticky foundations). All in all I loved this foundation - it looked good on and lasted me the whole day without any touch up's and without going shiny. I would definitely repurchase this again as I found it worked so well on my skin and I would suggest it to anybody. It is slightly more expensive at £25 but I do think it will last quite a long time and I just love it!

Goodbye! x

Friday, 22 November 2013

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation

Hello all! 

So I haven't blogged in quite a few months and it is because I have been super busy starting college ect! I am doing a makeup course and it is so amazing - I have learnt some good tips and tricks that I can share with you in these posts!

I have always been on the look out for Make Up For Ever products as here in the UK it is extremely hard to find them! Somebody was selling the Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation on Ebay so I snapped up the chance to purchase it - I got it for £16 and the seller paid the full price of £29.50 - It is completely new and still sealed and it said that it was being sold as they didn't want it and it wasn't the right colour. 

The box wasn't in perfect condition but I didn't really mind as it would soon be chucked away! The foundation is in shade 40 which looked like my sort of colour online. 

The foundation comes in a cute little bottle (personally I prefer pump bottles as i find it easier to control how much you use and if you take too much out you can pop it back in easily just by unscrewing the pump). I am always picking up Matte foundation as I find it works better for my skin as I have oily skin and wan't to reduce the shine as much as possible. There is 30ml of product per bottle which is the average amount I think (I only say this as most of my foundations are 30ml) 

Sorry that this picture is not in natural light but by the time I decided to blog about this it was super dark outside (its only half 5!). I don't know if you can see - but when I first recieved this in the post and opened it I tested it out and thought it looked slightly orange on my hand (It was not a happy moment) but once putting it on my face and blending it out it suited my skin perfectly - Hooray!

It is a very thick foundation as you can see and has such a lovely finish - very matte but not dull looking. It is so lovely and I am super happy with this product and it definitely takes a place in my everyday foundations now! I will give a little tip and that is if you think a foundation you have bought looks quite orange when you swatch it on your hand (or even when you first put it on the skin) blend it out for quite a while and hopefully it will look more suitable to your skin colour. Alternatively if you have already bought the foundation and are not allowed to return it - you can do a little mixing with other colors of yours to try and get the perfect shade for you:)

Thank you for reading guys! x 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Dirty Body Spray from Lush

Hello everyone!

I have been away for quite a while which is why I haven't blogged in what feels like months! 
I have recently gotten through a bottle of this Dirty body spray from Lush, which is £14.

I know this body spray is for men but I seriously LOVE the scent as I love spearmint. I have gotten quite a lot of compliments when wearing this of people asking me what it was and a few of them were surprised when I told them.
I can honestly say that it is such a long lasting scent and it stays around for hours and still lingers the next day very faintly! It does start of as quite a strong smell so if you don't  like overpowering scents then I don't think this is for you. It has also lasted me quite a few months as you literally need 1 spray to last.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Caudalie Beauty Elixr

Hello everyone!

I haven't been able to blog in a while because my internet messed up and I have been getting ready for my holiday (eeek!) 
I wrote a small review on the Caudalie Beauty Elixr as it was part of an amazing set and you can read about that here

I found that the small bottle that I received in my set (30ml) ran out quite quickly - I did use it daily though. This bottle is 100ml and it costs £32 which is quite expensive but I thought it was worth it as otherwise I would of bought the cheaper one but it would of probably ran out again. I think that the main negative on this product is the fact that it is very expensive and does run out fast, however I am trying not to use it everyday. I put it on my bare face before my makeup and then spray it on again after I have finished. I like how it comes out as a light spray rather than a sort of thick spray because it is much more pleasant than  having loads of water on your face at one time. I also find that it gives my face a lovely glow to it and I ofen don't highlight that much because of this. It also has a nice scent to it, at first I wasn't very keen but now I am as I have gotten use to it! All together it does exactly what it says and makes my face feel very moistured and I also feel that when my face looks dull, it perks it up a lot!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Benefit Hello Flawless Powder

Hello everyone!

I have wrote a small review of this product here as I reviewed the 'How To Look The Best At Everything' Set which included this powder. I decided that I would write a more in-depth review of the powder as I did decide to buy it again so I thought I would share my reasoning with you. 

I purchased myself the full sized version of the powder (even though I still have a tiny little bit of the other one in the set left!) because I really have been loving the way that it makes my skin look. I bought it from Debenhams at the Benefit counter, you can also get it from Boots, House of Fraser and online (and I am sure there are other places that I haven't yet come across) It cost £25.50 and the total amount of product that you get is 7g.

I got it in the colour 'Champagne (Me, Vain?)' which is around the 3rd lightest. I do really love how silky smooth the powder is and the fact that it doesn't look drying or cakey on the face. I also love how it is a very good coverage powder and really adds on top of the foundation to give me the finished look that I desire (its great for someone like me who doesn't have the clearest skin in the world!) It is quite pricey for a powder but at the same time it is very worth it and I will be repurchasing again once it has ran out! It does last me nearly all day once I apply it to my face and it has an SPF of 15. The only negative that I would say about this powder is that it does hit the pan very quickly so I do try to limit how much I use at one time. I must admit that in the other set review, I said it had lasted a long while, but looking back I realise that is only because I was VERY sparing with it.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

bareMinerals Queen Tiffany Eyeshadow

Hello all!

So I purchased myself a bareMinerals eyeshadow in the colour 'Queen Tiffany' as I thought it was such a lovely colour that I would use quite often.

There is 57g of the product and it cost me £14. I purchased it directly from the bareMinerals counter in Debenhams but you can purchase them from other places including - the direct website and Feel Unique. (there are others). 

It is a loose eyeshadow and it is very pigmented so it will last a very long time! The only struggle that I have with loose eyeshadows is that they create fallout but it doesn't stop me wearing it as I sort it out pretty quickly. I love the colour as it is a shimmery brown which is quite deep but not too dark. It also looks lovely in the crease with a lighter shade.