Sunday, 7 April 2013

Original Source Shea Butter and Honey Shower Gel

Hello everyone!

I have been loving this shower gel made by Original Source which I received as a present for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. The smells is clearly what it says and does smell exactly like Shea Butter, and then a hint of Honey which makes it a lovely and sweet scent. I have always loved products from Original Source and love trying out different scents that they have.

The product just has a white colour to it and not much else. The packaging is made very well and because the lid is at the bottom, when the product is running low it means that it is still easy to get out so you get the most of what you buy. I also use this product as a bubble bath as it makes great bubbles and smells amazing. 
It costs £2.30 from boots, but you can also get it from many other places including superdrug, supermarkets ect. 

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