Thursday, 30 May 2013

Vichy Dermablend High-Coverage Corrective Foundation

Hello everyone!

Around January time I was in Boots and noticed that they had a sale on and one of the products for sale was the Vichy Dermablend High-Coverage Corrective Foundations. I think that they have stopped selling this product because I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore. I actually bought this for £2 and know that it is retailed at a much higher price (when it was sold) (every website that I go on says that it is no longer for sale)

This is what the pot looks like and it is quite small but lasts a very long time as it is so thick. As I said, I got it for £2 so I am not sure how much it retails at. 

You get 6g of the product it lasts a very long while. It comes with a spatula because it is so incredibly thick that its extremely hard to get out of the pot. I got the only shade which was available and thankfully it is the right shade for me so I could wear it. 

I wore this foundation for about 2 weeks until I realised that it was so thick that it was clogging up my pores and making all my dry skin visible - so I stopped. I didn't like how the foundation made my skin look, at first I thought that it was great because it hid all my spots and blemishes but then I realised it didn't make any other part of my face look very nice. It was so thick that it went into any lines and just didn't look very flattering. I do still use this as a concealer as it is great for that use and still lasts a very long time. They do also have this foundation but in a tube which I may purchase to try out as it wouldn't be as thick - so hopefully that would work better for my skin type.

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