Monday, 20 May 2013

MUA Makeup Haul

Hello everybody!

I went to Superdrug over the weekend and I was particularly interested in the MUA (Makeup Academy) stand as I have never really had a proper look. There was also a 3 for 2 sale so I had to take advantage! I picked up quite a few things and I thought that I would share my findings with you!

The first product that I picked up was the Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette which cost £4. I chose this palette because I think that all the colours are such lovely, everyday wearing colours and are extremely beautiful! There are 12 different colours in the palette so there is a huge variety and can be created into all different looks and styles which I love. They are also very pigmented and I think that this is such a good purchase for the price! I will definitely look into the other palettes to see what they are like.

The next product that I picked up was the Pearl Eyeshadow. I chose this colour because it was an extremely pretty white colour and I thought that it would be a great highlight for the top of the eye (which it is) It only cost £1 which I thought was a great deal! (in fact everything on the MUA counter is a great deal!) I have been wearing this eyeshadow and it definitely gives a gorgeous highlight to the eyes and is very subtle. They have such a variety of single Eyeshadows and I want to go back to look at them in more detail as they are all so beautiful! 

The next product that I got was the Intense Glitter Eyeliner in Starry Night. I didn't actually mean to pick up this product, I thought that it was just a plain black eyeliner and it wasn't until I sat down for lunch and looked at my products that I noticed it was Glittery. At first I was a bit unsure as to weather I would use it or not, but decided that I would give it a try and if I didn't like it then it wasn't to much money wasted as it was only £1. I have't worn eyeliner in such a long time which is why I wanted to try it out again (which is why I was annoyed that it was a glitter one) but when using it, I found that it didn't look very glittery at all so I wasn't put off and will still wear it. (thank goodness)  

My next purchase was the Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette. I chose this shade not really thinking about the colour of my eyebrows and now realise that it is much too dark. My sister did warm me to get the lighter colour but silly me didn't listen! I have been trying to blend it into the eyebrows to make it look lighter. I am sad that it isn't my colour because I have never had a Eyebrow Pencil and have always used a brush and a eyebrow kit and thought that this would be much quicker. I will try and get a lighter one soon as it was only £1. 

I then chose to get a Lipstick as I have had a couple before and loved them! I love how creamy and  soft they are and they stay on the lips for such a long time! I also love how pigmented they are and how they have a little section at the bottom with a lip gloss type lipstick inside. I chose the Shade 2 Lipstick which has a strong tone of purple to it. I didn't realise how purple it was until I was in natural light but it is still a gorgeous colour! Like the rest of the products is was only £1 which is great value for a Lipstick. 

I then chose a Cream Blusher as I have recently been loving Cream Blushers and have been testing out different brands of them. I chose the colour Yummy as it looked very warm and just extremely lovely! It really suits my skin and I feel that it suits me perfectly. It is a little more expensive than the other products, but its still only £2. I am loving these Cream Blushers and want to try and get a few more in the range.

The last products that I bought were the £1 Nail Polishes. I love trying different Nail Polish so I thought it was a great deal to try out these as they were so cheap! (the packaging also looks very similar to the Essie) These Nail Polishes are absolutely amazing and are pigmented and don't need hardly any layering to get the desired colour! They also don't chip to easily and are such a great buy for £1. I got the colours Fever Red, Moody Mink, Strawberry Crush and Plum Noir. They are all extremely pretty colours. I chose Fever Red because it is a very deep and elegant red and looks lovely on the nails. I chose Moody Mink because it was such a different colour to my usual Nail Polishes and that too I love. I chose Strawberry Crush because it looked like a very summery colour, however I do feel that it needs more layering than the others and I lastly chose Plum Noir because I love that shade of purple but I have also been trying to find a similar colour to Anti-Bleak by OPI (if anyone knows of a dupe, please let me know in the comments below) Also, in the pictures I only used 2 coats for each nail.

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