Friday, 24 May 2013

Korres Cherry Lipgloss

Hello everyone!

I was in a pharmacy a couple of weeks ago when I noticed that they had a huge Korres counter! I have never really seen a Korres counter before so I was obviously excited and I am glad that I know I have one around me!

I chose to get a Lipgloss from the range as they all looked lovely. I got the colour 23 Light Purple. I forgot how much it exactly cost but I know that it is around £12. You also get 6ml. It says that it is high shine / vibrant colour and I find that it does give a lovely shine to the lips which doesn't stand out too much. 

I don't think that the Lipgloss is extremely purple which I like as I didn't want it to be too over powering and it has a very nice texture which isn't too sticky which is also good as I don't really get on with lip products that are sticky. 

The packaging is all so pretty and the tube is cute as well (everybody likes pretty packaging) Also the colour looks lovely inside the tube, as it does out and it is such a great sized tube which makes it all the more easy to apply.

The brush applicator is just a standard style and doesn't really effect the use of the product itself. I do prefer flatter applicators though as I find them easier to use and I feel they gather more product (if you aren't sure of what I am talking about, have a look at this review) . These products are very easy to wear and stay put for quite a while. 

The colour is such a beautiful pink with a tinge of purple and added sparkle. The colour really compliments the lips and can be worn for most occasions looking lovely. I love the way that these lipgloss' glide on the lips  so easily and give a lovely shine. I will definitely try and purchase a few more of these to try out the other colours in the range. 

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