Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Caudalie Must Have Set


I have been trying out the Caudalie Must Have Set for about a month now so I thought that it was about time to give you a review as I have seen what the products are like on a long term basis. 

Firstly I had to put on here the lovely bag they gave me and I have never gotten one of these bags when I have got any products from Caudalie and I just thought it was pretty so I had to show you! I picked up my products from a local pharmacy which has a huge Caudalie section (I never knew it was there until before I purchased this - now I am always there!)

You get 5 different products in the set and it costs £20 which I thought was such a bargain as some of the products in here are around £10 pounds anyway. It comes in a really lovely case which can be used for many other things including a mini makeup bag! I did take a picture of all of the products on the day that I got the set which is why they are all full (I can assure you that they are not now)

I thought that I would talk about the products in the order that they are in just to make it easier! The first product is the Caudalie Cleansing Water Makeup Remover. It has 50ml of the product and I am not sure how much it is for this size but the 100ml sized bottle is £9. I have been looking for a makeup remover that will remove my eye makeup without it stinging - sadly this is not the product for me. It does do the job of getting the makeup off your face but at the same time, it does sting the eyes. Also you need quite a lot of product on the cotton wool pad for it to work, so it does run out quite quickly. 

The next product is the Beauty Elixir - I have wanted this for so long which is one of the reasons that I got this set. It comes in 2 sizes - 30ml (the size that I got in this set) which costs £11 and 100ml which costs £32. I did actually purchase the full sized bottle because I loved it, so I will also do a full review on that in more depth. It says that it gives you a glowing complexion and that it is smoothing and I do feel that it does everything that it says and more! I will use this product most days and it just helps my makeup to look better. I do recommend this product to anybody who wants to try it, but I would suggest trying out the smaller bottle first incase it doesn't work for you.

The next product in the set is the Divine Oil which can be used on the body, face or hair. I have tried it on both my face and hair so far, but not my body. You get 15ml in this tester set and it costs £18 per 50ml. I found that it made my skin super soft when used on my face BUT I have only used it once as I do have oily skin so it didn't help with that (It was a moment of stupidness) HOWEVER I absolutely love using it on my hair and it makes it feel so lovely, look shiny and smell great. It doesn't make the hair greasy which I like as I get a tad weary of using oils on my hair as there is a fine line between soft and greasy and can be hard to know exactly how much to use. I do think that I would buy this again as it does work, however I would probably only use it on my hair and this 15ml bottle will probably last quite a while as you don't need a lot. 

The next product is the Hand and Nail Cream which is quite a reasonable sized bottle and smells like Froot Loops (If you aren't sure what that smells like - its a bit like a sweet lemon) The hand cream has a very creamy texture and does make my hands feel so much softer which is good as that is what you would expect from a hand cream. With the set you get a 30ml tube, It doesn't say weather you can get that size individually but you can get a 75ml tube for £12. I do also know that you can get other sets with the Hand Cream and Lip Conditioner which I think is £11. (It is called 'Caudalie Hand & Lip Rescue Duo) I would probably buy this hand cream again as it is great to put in your handbag and I use quite often. I would say that one negative is because of the packaging that it is made out of  - it does feel very delicate and I always get scared that something will tear it open like my keys or something sharp. 

The last product in the set is the Caudalie Lip Conditioner which is the full and only size that they do in this product. It costs £5.50 and I would purchase this product again. I find that it is very soothing and easy to apply and leaves the lips feeling nourished and moistured without feeling oily or sticky and the feeling lasts a very long while. It doesn't have a certain flavor or scent to it and is just quite plain - but at the same time it is very nice. This is something that I use quite frequently and take around with me on a daily basis and it is just such a lovely Lip Conditioner. 

So that is the end of the set and I am very pleased with this purchase as I have loved most things in here and even if I didn't love something, I still tried it out. It has given me more knowledge on what works with me and what doesn't and I now know certain things that I would like to purchase from Caudalie and certain things that I wouldn't. Sorry if this review has had to many pictures but I like to show the products individually as well as together!


  1. Looks and sounds like an absolutely lovely set. Now I want one too!

    1. It is a lovely set, and so worth the money as everything included it it is at least £25/30 xx