Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sleek Flamingo Blush

Hello all!
Last week I was doing some online shopping and I stumbled across the Sleek website and ordered myself a blush. I have a few other blushes from Sleek and you can read that review here and here. I LOVE Sleek blushers and think that they are such a great price and are all so pigmented and I have to admit that I also ordered myself a few others. 

I noticed that they have changed the packaging and it looks completely different to the last blushers that I got. I did think it was a fake but realised I ordered it directly from Sleek! I have always loved the quality of the Sleek packaging as it is always very sturdy and it very hard to break. 

I chose the colour Flamingo as I don't really have any brighter pinks in my makeup collection and have really started to get into them recently. I didn't use to think that they suited my skin tone but after wearing them I feel that they do a lot more than I thought which is good as it means I can widen my choice of colours. The blush cost £4.49 which I think is a great price as they are such good quality.

The blush itself is a very vibrant pink (it doesn't look as vibrant in this picture) and I love the colour that it gives to the cheeks. At first I was worried that it would look too pink and look very strange but it blends so well and just gives such a lovely subtle colour. 

It does have a hint of shimmer added to it and highlights the cheeks very well. It isn't a very strong highlight which I like as I don't like having too much but at the same time it gives a nice dewy look. Like I said before, I love these blushers from Sleek and definitely want to try all of the others and some other products that they sell. 
Has anybody else tried these? 

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