Sunday, 12 May 2013

Body Shop Body Butter Duo

Hello everyone!

I received many Body Shop products for my birthday, and the Body Butter Duo was one of them. I thought that I would write about it just to let you know what its like.

It has a floral pattern on the front which would make me think the smell is quite floral, which it is! I like the smell because its quite fresh and flowery and makes me feel that I smell clean when I put it on. It is called Sweet Pea (not a pea, like the flower) but I am unsure weather it smells the same as I have never smelt a Sweet Pea flower.

The body butter comes with 200ml of product and I would say that that means each part has 100ml each. It is £13 which is quite pricey but worth it. 

So basically the duo comes with a very thick moisturiser and then a very thin one. I think it is a brilliant idea as sometimes I feel like I need a thick moisturiser and then other times I don't at all - Its a very useful product to have. They are both pink in colour which looks cute, and even the way they have divided the moisturiser is lovely as well (its cute and wavy)

You can probably tell which moisturiser is which (left = thin, right = thick) I use the thick one when I feel that my skin is a little dry, or even just certain areas, and the thin one when I just want to moisturise or I feel that I don't really need it. The thin one is great for the summer as it isn't too heavy but sometimes I feel that it is a little sticky. 

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