Thursday, 9 May 2013

Lush Mr Punch Blackcurrant Soap

Hello everyone!

So this post may be slightly strange because I wrote it out, went to write the name and price of the soap that I am going to talk about and then saw that it wasn't even on the website anymore! However, the price of the soap doesn't really matter because its always different depending on the amount you ask for. (Lush told me that the name of the soap was Mr Punch and then I remembered that it infact was!)

This soap is a HUGE block and whenever I use it, instead of using the whole block and then getting it all wet and having to leave it next to the bath, I cut a little slither off and use that (thats why its a triangle) I got this soap for Christmas as I am known to love Lush! I hadn't ever really smelt anything blackcurrant from them before and didn't know weather I would like it or not because of this, but I absolutely LOVE it! Its such a gorgeous and delicate smell and I love using it. The soap lathers up really nicely and the scent stays around for a while! All of the soaps from Lush are decorated beautifully and are very creative! (This one has blackcurrants stuck on top!)
Has anybody else tried this? 
The soap is a Christmas limited edition

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