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Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything Review

Hello everybody!

With some Christmas money that I got I decided to buy the 'How To Look The Best At Everything' set from Benefit as I thought it would be good to try out rather than just buying one product and not getting on with it. I thought that I would share my findings with you now as I have had it for quite a while! (there are going to be a lot of pictures in this blog post) I am also sorry if my collages aren't up to scratch but it was either that or have about 20 pictures lined up!

The box itself is very straight forward and you can see that I got the set in the shade 'Light'. All of the boxes are different colours depending on the shade you get. There is also medium and dark. 
There are 4 product in this and 1 brush (although I don't really like the brush) The box isn't to large so its easy to put in your makeup bag/box (depending how big it is)

There is a little Tips and Tricks section in the set which is handy, and it also includes a mirror which is good quality and quite large. The Tips and Tricks are good for anybody who doesn't really know how to use the products, where to put them or what order to use them in and it is definitely a good start up kit. 

They are easy to read and easy to follow as the diagrams show you exactly where to put things. I don't really use this part as I already have a certain way that I do my makeup and I like the way that I do it, but if you want to follow these diagrams then do!

The inside of the set lays out the products in the order that they think you should use them and it is easier to follow the Tips and Tricks by this layout. The products are all quite small as you can see but they do last for a while. I would say that the concealer and the powder last the longest, and if I had to pick one I would pick the concealer as it has 2. You can take all of the products out of the casing apart from the powder which sucks as the one thing i'd want to take out is the powder, but hey ho! Another useful thing is that they number all of the products so that also helps with how to use them. 

I thought that I would review the products in the order that they are in the set as it is easier for everyone! The first product is the POREfessional primer. With the little tester sample that I got in the set you get 7.5ml and with the real sized one you get 22ml. The big sized primer costs £24.50. I do really like this primer and think that it works well on the skin and keeps your make up in place. It is a light beige in colour but doesn't change the colour on the skin at all and is transparent once on the skin. It doesn't have much of a smell to it and just smells like product (kind of chemically and clean if you don't know what thats like) It doesn't have a kind of certain scent to it (from what I can tell) like lemon or anything. It says that it is to minimize the appearance of pores which I have found that it does slightly but not dramatically. I find that it comes out extremely smooth and goes on the skin very smooth as well and almost feels silky. This small sized tube has lasted me quite a long time and I still have some left, however, I don't think that I would buy the full sized version as there are probably many cheaper dupes that work just as well. 

The next product is the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation which has an SPF of 25 and is oil free. The big sized product is £25.50 and you get 30ml of it and this smaller product is 7ml. It smells like a usual foundation so again it doesn't have a particular smell. The colour of the foundation in this set is 'cheers to me - champagne' and I didn't get on with it at all as it was extremely orange and didn't suit my skin tone at all so I never really got to wear it, however, I did get the full sized bought for me at the time and it is in my colour and based on that, the foundation is very good and I will do a review on that sometime. One thing I wish that you could do with this set is perhaps pick your foundation colour, as there are only 3 different colour sets then it means if the foundation doesn't suit you then you don't really have a chance to get a colour that does, and I was annoyed that it didn't suit me as I did get the lightest shades so I didn't expect it to be very mismatching, which it was (unless you buy a full sized one) - I would buy the foundation again (make sure you get the right colour if you get one!) It too lasts a while as it is quite thin but a good coverage (not the fullest I must say) I definitely am going to use this foundation on hot summery days as it is very light on the skin and doesn't feel heavy.

My next product is the 'boi-ing concealer' which originally costs £17.50 for the bigger sized one. It has 5 different shades. You only get one colour in that and it looks totally different to this (its round and this one is square)  I did like how they put 2 different colours as it meant that if one was too dark or too light then you could use the other one. I obviously use the lighter colour as there is a massive hole missing from the middle of it, however, I will occasionally use the darker one as it doesn't show up once my foundation is on. You get the shade 01 and 02 and I do think that in the picture the darker shade looks a lot darker than it actually is. I absolutely love this concealer as it is extremely thick and covers up a lot on the skin! It also lasts a long time (seeing as I've been using it since Christmas on and off) The concealer doesn't really have a smell to it but even if it did it wouldn't really matter as after a while you wouldn't really be able to tell anyway. I would buy this concealer in the large size as I think it works extremely well and is great on the skin without making it look dry. 

The last product in the set is the Hello Flawless powder with an SPF of 15. I do think that the powder is a very good powder but quite expensive at £25.50 and I do also use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder which is also good and very cheap compared to this (£3.99 - I know, woah, I bet you're all jumping out your seats) I know you can't really see where the powder is on my hand very much, I did try and put an arrow but it kept moving whenever I saved it so I couldn't, BUT, its on the top right/center. It goes on the skin very smooth and silky and gives good coverage. It is a bit darker than my skin but only by a tiny bit and once blended into the neck it looks natural. It is in the colour 'Me Vain? - Champagne' - I have noticed the powder and foundation are both Champagne so they match them well to suit the skin of anybody who buys this (although it doesn't suit mine) It lasts a very long while and I have been using it most of January/February but since mid march I bought the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and haven't been using it as frequently. I do recon I would buy it again as it is a very good powder however there are other cheaper ones that I do like. 

All together, I really like this set as it has shown me what I do like, don't like and what is worth and not worth the money. There are a few product that I would get when these ones have run out as they are very good and worth the money. I would recommend this set to anybody who wants to try out some of there products or for a gift for anybody who you know wants to try them out. The set  costs £25.50 and you can get it from any Benefit counter.

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