Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Custom Design Fashionista Palette

Hello everyone!

I was in Superdrug around Christmas time when I noticed that Fashionista had a great deal where you build your own palette for only £10 and you get a free Lip Gloss palette which now retails at £10 (I didn't think the Lip Gloss was that great but it didn't matter because that's not the reason I purchased it, it also smelt of that sort of vanilla lip gloss that you get as a child) The deal was also on eyeshadows which I will do a separate review on.

You could pick which color palette you wanted, there was this limited edition style, a black one and a red one. I chose the limited edition one as I got the black eyeshadow one and I thought that this one was different (they also had no red) 

You get to pick 4 blushers for the palette, there are palettes which contain more slots (I think its 6) as I got my mum one for her birthday a while back when she wanted one but its not on there website anymore so it may have been a short time thing. There are many shades of blushers and eyeshadows and you basically just pick the ones you want and then pop them out of the original container and into the palette. You can buy the others separately which are £4. You can also mix palettes to have eyeshadows and blush in the same one.

I chose the colours Glowing (Top Left) , Milan (Top Right), Juicy Apricot (Bottom Left) and Rose Shine (Bottom Right) I love all of the colours and I think that the one I wear the least would be the shade Glowing as I feel that it isn't as pigmented as the others and doesn't really show up - it is the only baked blusher that I chose and they do have a range of baked eyeshadows and blushers. I chose the Milan and Rose Shine colours as a safe option as I knew that I would wear them regularly as they suit my skin tone and I chose Juicy Apricot because I wanted to try something different (its good I did as I wear it most) All the colours are pigmented, except as I said Glowing isn't as pigmented as the rest. 

The colours on my hand are staring from the Left, Juicy Apricot, Rose Shine, Glowing and Milan. Milan is a lovely winter colour as it is very warm and a deep berry colour. Rose Shine and Glowing look quite similar in the picture but look totally different on the face - Glowing gives more of a dewy look and Rose shine is quite matte - also Rose Shine is a lot pinker with Glowing sort of in the middle of Milan and Rose Shine. And then Apricot has a lovely orange tone to it which doesn't look too vibrant on the skin and it just looks lovely!
Without an offer these palettes are £5 each with the extra charge of the eyeshadow or blush which is £4 each - but obviously if you only wanted one colour then you don't have to buy a whole palette to buy the individual products.

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