Monday, 20 May 2013

Superdrug Camomile Skin Wipes

Hello everyone!

I know that it is a strange thing to talk about face wipes on a blog post, but I had to share with everyone how amazing these are!

First off I wanted to say that these wipes were only 99p! I got them whilst in the Superdrug que as they were Camomile and I needed some new face wipes anyway. You get 25 wipes in the pack which is quite standard. The reason that I love these wipes so much is because they smell absolutely amazing! (I cannot stop smelling them) I have never smelt face wipes as amazing as these ones and I never knew that I would like the smell of Camomile so much! They are also in no way drying and are quite damp which I love. They say they are a 4 in 1, and they work extremely well getting all makeup off! 

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