Thursday, 2 May 2013

Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It Review

Hello everyone!

I usually get quite dry skin around my nose and for a while I have been looking for a perfect exfoliator to help reduce this. I love Soap and Glory anyway so whenever I go into Boots im instantly drawn into there products. I saw the 'Scrub Your Nose It In' and wanted to try it out. 

One thing that draws me to Soap and Glory products is how creative the packaging is! This product is a scrub and mask put into one and it says that is helps refine large pores and prevent blemishes. Some people may get confused as it has the word 'nose in' but it isn't specifically just for your nose! (it says T-Zone)

The bottle is a squeezy tube which I prefer as you can control the amount of product you are using. It is also green in colour and smells quite fruity and minty. Its suggestions are to leave it on for 3 minutes, or you can take it off straight away. 

There is 125ml of the product and it costs £7.50. I have been loving this product as it makes my nose feel so much softer and smoother, as it does with the rest of my face. Sometimes it tingles when I leave it on my face but it hasn't ever caused breakouts or anything like that. I mainly use it when I want my skin to feel more fresh when it is feeling very dull and it makes it feel a whole lot better!

I have about 3 of these products on my shelf and I can definitely say that they work amazingly and I would recommend them! 

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