Thursday, 23 May 2013

Lush Herbalism Facial Cleanser

Hello everybody!

About a month ago I purchased the Herbalism Facial Cleanser by Lush. It is a fresh cleanser so you obviously have a certain time period that you can use it in (around 2/3 months) 

I find that there is so much product in this (100g) especially as you have to use it in a limited time period. I have used it quite frequently and still have so much left with only about a month/2 to use it in! I got mine around the Easter Holidays and it runs out in July so it lasts about 3 months. It costs £6.25 and so far I have really gotten on with it. It also says that it is best used fresh, much like the face masks that Lush sell. The reason I chose this cleanser is because it says that it exfoliates, removes grease and calms troubled skin and spots - I feel that it does do most of that except I haven't noticed a significant change in ways of any spots so I am not sure about that part. It does exfoliate really well though and the good part about it is that it doesn't have any harsh exfoliating beads (infact I can't see any harsh bits used for exfoliating as it is quite a smooth mixture) but it leaves the skin super soft and smooth.

It says that it is made with 100% fresh ingredients and it certainly smells that way too! At first I didn't like the smell at all and thought that it was very overpowering and strange but now I absolutely love it. The only way I can describe this product is with the word 'earthy' because I feel that it looks a bit like grass mixed with mud and it just smells so different to anything I have ever smelt and smells very natural as it doesn't have a certain scent to it (it doesn't smell like mud or anything though). The product says that they make it by 'stepping nettles and rosemary herbs in rice vinegar for 48 hours' and then they 'filter them away and use the vinegar to mix with other ingredients' which is probably why it smells the way it does. As you can see it is very green and it has very peculiar textures in that it is quite broken apart and bitty but if you sort of pick it up then it goes quite smooth and squishes together. 

At first I was extremely stupid and didn't read the instructions on how to use it. As you saw from the previous photograph it is bitty, not creamy and can be taken apart very easily. I thought that you put it on the face straight from the pot and washed it off - obviously because of the way that it is, it fell straight off my face and didn't do anything! So then I decided to read the instructions and saw that you have to mix it with water to make a paste, and then you can use it on your face. The way that I make the product is by getting about a pea sized amount (perhaps a little bigger sometimes) and then I put it in the center of my hand and mixing it with droplets of water until I get a paste like so. I try to make it not too runny and not too dry, my preferred texture is what it in the picture and I achieve that with around 4/5 droplets of water depending on how much product you actually use (I also mix it with my finger). I do find it quite hard sometimes to mix it in my hand so I am on the hunt for a little pot to use, as I feel if I do it on the lid and don't dry it enough then it will make all of the product turn weird and horrible. 

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