Monday, 6 May 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

Hello everyone!

I purchased the Elle Magazine and in it came a Benefit They're Real Mascara - I was delighted as I have wanted to try one for ages! I was actually going to purchase the small sized mascara but just before I went to the Benefit counter I saw this magazine and thought that it was such a bargain to spend £4 instead of the actual price (I can't seem to find the price of the smaller sized mascara, I am sure it was £9.95 ish, ill try and find out soon!) So, you obviously don't get the big sized mascara which is usually £19.50, but you get the smaller size which you can actually buy in shops. 

You get 4g of this mascara whereas with the full sized mascara you get 8.5. You do get quite a lot of mascara and I am sure it will last a very long while as it isn't actually that small. I like the packaging as it is very bold. 

The actual colour of the mascara tube is different than the original (probably because its from a magazine and they don't want you selling it on) It has the same text on it than the box so its easy to find what you are looking for when it is in your makeup bag. 

The wand of the mascara is different than other mascara wands as it has little spikey bits on the tip as well rather than it just being blunt. The mascara I have is in the colour black. Sometimes it can be hard to apply this mascara because the wand is quite small but it isn't impossible and I am sure that I will get use to it. 

I think that this mascara is definitely worth the money. I have been very unsure to weather I wanted to spend £19.50 on mascara but have always read amazing reviews on it which is why I was going to spend £9.95 on the smaller one, HOWEVER, I do now know that I would definitely spend that money on this mascara as I think that it is worth it and makes the lashes look amazing. In these images, I only dipped the wand in the tube once for each eye and it has made them so long and full which usually takes me plenty of tries with other mascara. It doesn't clump and goes on very nicely. It isn't waterproof (I don't think) as it doesn't say so on the packaging but that doesn't bother me as I hardly ever wear waterproof mascara. I would highly recommend this mascara as I think it is brilliant and once my tester tube has ran out I will be buying the full sized one!

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