Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Review

Hello everyone!

I absolutely love the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains and have been collecting them up so I decided it was about time to do a review!

I have 4 different colours of these Balm Stains, the ones that I don't have are Rendezvous, Love Sick and Cherish. I do want to try out these other ones but haven't got round to buying them. You can get them from anywhere that sells Revlon, mainly Boots I would say. They are also £7.99 each which isn't too pricey, especially for how long they last which is a reason that I love them so much.

The colours which I have are Crush, Darling, Honey and Romantic. I love how pigmented these are and you don't need hardly any, they also last a very long time and even when they have gone off your lips, the colour is still there! I love these because they are so creamy on the lips and do moisturise! 

The first colour which is Romantic is a very lovely deep and vibrant red which I really like but I only wear it occasionally. The second colour which is Honey is the colour that I wear most of (I have 2 of them because I looove it!) I feel that it is a very deep pink and is lovely to wear in the daytime. The third colour which is Crush is a very deep red with a hint of pink and looks gorgeous in the evening especially! And the last colour which is Darling is a very purpley colour, it is probably the one I wear least as I don't think purple lips suit me very well.
I definitely want to try out the other colours!
Has anybody else tried these?


  1. You wear Honey so much better than me. It looks gorgeous! I tried it but it's a little too brown for my pigmented lips. In fact all the colours look lovely on you :-)

    1. my favourite one is definitely Honey, I wear it all the time! Thank you very much thats really sweet of you:) xx