Friday, 14 June 2013

Mac Pink Plaid Lipstick

Hello everyone!

A short while ago I did a blog post on another Mac Lipstick in the colour Syrup (you can view it here). I never really get the chance to go into any Mac stores or see any counters because there are none where I live, so whenever I go shopping in any other town I spend ages looking at there products seeing if there is anything I would like to purchase (basically everything) 

The packaging is exactly the same as my Syrup Lipstick in the usual bullet shape. I do find that it makes it a lot easier to use and to locate when its in my handbag which is always handy. 

I got the colour Pink Plaid and it is a matte lipstick so it is a different finish to the Syrup Lipstick. I do find that I don't get on as well with matte products as others as sometimes I feel that my lips feel dry and I really don't like that, however I will buy matte products (I have quite a few now) if I think that they look nice and are a nice colour. 

I have used this a few times already so this isn't exactly how it comes as it probably has less product. It is £14 like most other of the Lipsticks and has the usual 3g. I have found that these Lipsticks last such a long while and are very pigmented, HOWEVER, I do find that they don't last as long as I would like and they come off so easily, so I am thinking of buying a lip primer to keep it on longer. I liked this colour as it is a deep but light pink and has a lovely colour to it and adds such a nice colour to the lips. It dries matte quite quickly so you can really see how it is going to look during the day.

Here is the colour in natural light. I find that it gives such a healthy look to the lips and I really enjoy wearing it - although I tend to go for deeper colours like Syrup but I am starting to change that. 

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