Monday, 24 June 2013

Benefit Hello Flawless Powder

Hello everyone!

I have wrote a small review of this product here as I reviewed the 'How To Look The Best At Everything' Set which included this powder. I decided that I would write a more in-depth review of the powder as I did decide to buy it again so I thought I would share my reasoning with you. 

I purchased myself the full sized version of the powder (even though I still have a tiny little bit of the other one in the set left!) because I really have been loving the way that it makes my skin look. I bought it from Debenhams at the Benefit counter, you can also get it from Boots, House of Fraser and online (and I am sure there are other places that I haven't yet come across) It cost £25.50 and the total amount of product that you get is 7g.

I got it in the colour 'Champagne (Me, Vain?)' which is around the 3rd lightest. I do really love how silky smooth the powder is and the fact that it doesn't look drying or cakey on the face. I also love how it is a very good coverage powder and really adds on top of the foundation to give me the finished look that I desire (its great for someone like me who doesn't have the clearest skin in the world!) It is quite pricey for a powder but at the same time it is very worth it and I will be repurchasing again once it has ran out! It does last me nearly all day once I apply it to my face and it has an SPF of 15. The only negative that I would say about this powder is that it does hit the pan very quickly so I do try to limit how much I use at one time. I must admit that in the other set review, I said it had lasted a long while, but looking back I realise that is only because I was VERY sparing with it.

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