Sunday, 9 June 2013

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Espiegle

Hello everyone!

Around Febuary I bought myself a Chanel Blush from one of the Debenhams stores as I thought it was so beautiful!

The actual packaging that the product comes in is very sturdy and doesn't break if dropped (which is good as it is so expensive) it is also very plain but looks very elegant and I love the design of it! 

I got the colour in Espiegle because it looked like such a gorgeous peachy pink. It cost £31 and you get 4g of the product. I am not sure as to weather they still sell this certain colour as it is no longer listed on the actual website - but they do have some other gorgeous colours. I have had this for about 4 months and it still looks pretty new, the reason behind this is because I hardly ever wear it as it is not pigmented at all! I am disappointed at this factor as it looked so lovely in the shop, but it takes me so many attempts to actually finally get the colour of the blush to come out on my cheek and I was disappointed because of the price of it. I do still try to wear it occasionally but it just takes a lot longer to apply than any of my other blushes.

The colour is so gorgeous as you can see and has a lovely glow to it, but as I said - It is not pigmented at all and it took me about 6 finger swirls to get this much colour onto my hand. It could just be this certain colour that isn't pigmented and I would like to hope so as some of the other colours are so gorgeous and I would love to try them, but if they are like this one, then I doubt I will.

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