Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation Review


I have pretty much always wanted to try out the Studio Sculpt foundation by Mac - but for some reason whenever I have purchased any foundation it has always been the Studio Fix Fluid - probably because I like the coverage and was worried that it wouldn't be as good!
I recently purchased it because I thought it was about time to give it a whirl!

The foundation is £25 and you get 40 ml, whereas in the Studio Fix you get 30ml (the Studio Sculpt is more expensive thought). It is a gel based foundation and I feel that it makes the skin look more refreshed and sort of gives a dewy finish. 

I personally love this style tube compared to the Studio Fix Fluid as I find that it is easier to get it out and I just think that it feels and looks nicer. It is quite a large tube I must admit and has a lovely matte feel. 

I got the shade NC15 which is the perfect shade - I started off Mac foundations with the 'NW'S' and never really liked them on myself as I felt they looked too orange for me, I never really realised they had a 'NC' colour range and once I found out I was thrilled and finally liked the look of the foundation! So everyone beware of that haha! 

I found that this foundation was thicker than the Studio Fix Fluid and I felt it was easier to blend into the skin - it was also such a good coverage and I found that it was so achievable to get a high and full coverage without using too much and looking cakey which was lovely. I didn't use concealer when I used this as I didn't feel that I had too and to be honest, it was so good that I totally forgot to even put concealer on because I couldn't see any redness or blemished. The foundation actually smells lovely (quite like vanilla) and has a lovely texture - not too runny and not too sticky (i hate sticky foundations). All in all I loved this foundation - it looked good on and lasted me the whole day without any touch up's and without going shiny. I would definitely repurchase this again as I found it worked so well on my skin and I would suggest it to anybody. It is slightly more expensive at £25 but I do think it will last quite a long time and I just love it!

Goodbye! x

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