Monday, 25 November 2013

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Limited Edition Brush Set Review

Hello everyone!

So I have wanted the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Brushes ever since they came out - but I have never had the chance to buy them as they aren't in any stores around me - but the other day I was making an online order so I decided that I would finally treat myself too them!

The set of brushes is £23.99 and that is from Boots. The price can vary depending on where you buy them - as I have seen them cheaper on some websites like Feel Unique and Look Fantastic and sometimes they are on offer. You get 3 brushes, the Duo Fiber Face Brush, Duo Fiber Contour Brush and the Duo Fiber Contour Brush. Personally I absolutely love the colour of the brushes and think they look so cute which is one reason I was drawn to these!

The first brush is the Duo Fiber Face Brush. I think that this brush is the one that I was quite disappointed with because I am the type of girl who LOVES full coverage in anything and I feel that this brush doesn't really let me achieve that as the bristles are very thin and not close together, therefore they can't pick up as much product as the Blush/powder brush. I have decided to use it as a blush brush as I always find that I put way to much blusher on and then have to try and minimize the look which just takes so much more time whereas with this brush you can build your blusher until you like the colour and it and it is harder to go overboard. Overall I would say that this is a good brush, but not for what I did want to use it for. 

My next brush is the Contour Brush (sorry it has product on). I LOVE this brush. I haven't actually got a proper brush for contouring and I always find it so hard to contour my face as I have to use quite a big brush and it never goes where I want it too and it never really looks defined, but since using this brush you can see such a difference and it definitely defines my face a lot better. I find it easy to hold and like the Face brush it doesn't pick up too much product so you can build it. I do find that the bristles on these brushes are a little bit rougher than the other brushes I use but I did expect that as they are Duo Fiber.

The last brush is the eye brush. I like this brush, but at this present moment I do have a slight issue with it and that is that one of the bristles is slightly out of place and above the rest, which means that whenever I use it on my eyes it sticks into my eye and is quite painful - but I am going to cut it! I started by using this brush as a concealer brush because I am desperate for a concealer brush, but when applying my make up this morning I didn't have any eye brushes to hand and was in a rush, so I decided to use this brush, and I was so amazed at how much product the brush picked up, my eyes have never looked so emphasized and I loved how I could see such a clear difference on my eyes as my eyeshadow had so much more depth and colour to it - so I am going to use this for an eye brush after all!

All in all I love the Real Techniques range and these brushes are very good, although I may swap them around and use them for different things - but that doesn't matter! I would definitely recommend these and think that after I have found my use for them, they are great! 


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