Friday, 22 November 2013

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation

Hello all! 

So I haven't blogged in quite a few months and it is because I have been super busy starting college ect! I am doing a makeup course and it is so amazing - I have learnt some good tips and tricks that I can share with you in these posts!

I have always been on the look out for Make Up For Ever products as here in the UK it is extremely hard to find them! Somebody was selling the Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation on Ebay so I snapped up the chance to purchase it - I got it for £16 and the seller paid the full price of £29.50 - It is completely new and still sealed and it said that it was being sold as they didn't want it and it wasn't the right colour. 

The box wasn't in perfect condition but I didn't really mind as it would soon be chucked away! The foundation is in shade 40 which looked like my sort of colour online. 

The foundation comes in a cute little bottle (personally I prefer pump bottles as i find it easier to control how much you use and if you take too much out you can pop it back in easily just by unscrewing the pump). I am always picking up Matte foundation as I find it works better for my skin as I have oily skin and wan't to reduce the shine as much as possible. There is 30ml of product per bottle which is the average amount I think (I only say this as most of my foundations are 30ml) 

Sorry that this picture is not in natural light but by the time I decided to blog about this it was super dark outside (its only half 5!). I don't know if you can see - but when I first recieved this in the post and opened it I tested it out and thought it looked slightly orange on my hand (It was not a happy moment) but once putting it on my face and blending it out it suited my skin perfectly - Hooray!

It is a very thick foundation as you can see and has such a lovely finish - very matte but not dull looking. It is so lovely and I am super happy with this product and it definitely takes a place in my everyday foundations now! I will give a little tip and that is if you think a foundation you have bought looks quite orange when you swatch it on your hand (or even when you first put it on the skin) blend it out for quite a while and hopefully it will look more suitable to your skin colour. Alternatively if you have already bought the foundation and are not allowed to return it - you can do a little mixing with other colors of yours to try and get the perfect shade for you:)

Thank you for reading guys! x 

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